Club ranking

Recommended for sports where two players or two teams compete against each other. Challenge players with higher ranking to climb the ranks.

The ranking is calculated as follows:
Places 1-5 are in block 1.
Places 6-10 are in block 2,
11-15 in block 3,
16-20 in block 4 and so on.

The number of places the participant gains or loses in ranking corresponds to the number of places in the more poorly ranked player's block.

For example, if a participant from block 4 (e.g. number 17) wins against a participant from block 2 (e.g. the number 8), number 17 will move to the 13th place. Number 8 will fall back to number 12.

If both players end up being ranked at the same place, the last direct competition between the two will be used to break the tie.

Pretty simple, right? And if not, don't worry. The system will calculate everything automatically.

Score / Time

Recommended for contests where the best achievements (e.g. golf strokes or best times) of participants are accumulated. E.g. Golf tournament series, cycling stages

Let's use golf as an example:
You create a contest for your friends in the score mode. You all play 9 holes. At the end everyone enters their score.

To be noted:
Important for proper functionality of the app: Everyone has to enter the same text/value for this event under Contest. This is because all results will be saved under this value. At the next round you guys simply select a new name for a contest and enter your results again. Under the heading Standing you will see the cumulative scores of each participant and a ranking.

The two small arrows in the standing allow you to swap the sort order of the ranking. It's best if you try it out yourself..


Recommended for a series of contests with an overall ranking.

Ski world cup, motor sports Also highly recommended for contests from various disciplines.

In every contest, points are awarded. The first participant receives 100, the second 80 and so on. The disciplines can be chosen freely. There is a wide array of units of measurement available.
In the standing, all points of each participant are accumulated and an overall ranking is generated.

To be noted:
Everyone that wants to be saved in the same contest, has to use the same contest name. (The same as in the score mode)

The two small arrows under Contests allow you to swap the sort order of the ranking. Maybe you're not competing for the most points, but the fewest. Have fun

High score

Recommended when you want to set a high score. The only thing that counts is the best score. E.g. 100m dash, Number of push-ups in 1 min. Simply select a discipline in which you can set a high score. Everyone enters their score and the high score will be displayed in the ranking.

To be noted:
You can swap the sort order of the ranking with the two small arrows. Sometimes it's not about who can go the longest, but who can be the quickest...


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The app with which you can challenge your friends. It's a Contest is a ranking system for friends, clubs, like-minded individuals etc. who practice sports together or who want to compete with each other.


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